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About Us

NMRTC Okinawa Newcomers Information

USNHO Ombudsman Team​
The Ombudsman is a volunteer, appointed by the commanding officer, to serve as an information link between command leadership and Navy families. Ombudsmen are trained to disseminate information both up and down the chain of command, including official Department of the Navy and command information, command climate issues, and local quality of life (QOL) improvement opportunities.

Ombudsmen also provide resource referrals when needed. They are instrumental in resolving family issues before the issues require extensive command attention. Ombudsman keep service members and families informed and help promote healthy, self-reliant Navy families.

USNHO’s Command Ombusdman team is made up of Hikaru Gray, Aya Espiritu, and Kelly Rockwood. Their mission is to serve you with the highest standards of professionalism, patience, reliability, and confidentiality. They have information on the many aspects of living on Okinawa, as well as resources on military and family life.

Contact Information:
DSN: (315) 646-7013
From CONUS: 011-81-98-971-7013
Area Information
Our Welcome Aboard Guide is an invaluable resource for those arriving on island.
You can download the command Liberty Policy
​​The check-in information sheet for all new staff at U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa, Japan is available at this link: check-in information sheet

Other Resources for Newcomers
Military OneSource The official Department of Defense web site for reliable Quality of Life information.  Here you will find information on housing, employment, dependent schools, off-duty college, child care, teen services and more.​

Marine Corps Community Services Okinawa ​A great source of information about the military community, local services and the local community.  They also host a great Welcome Aboard site that covers everything from local driving to pets!
U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa, Japan is located on Camp Foster, a Marine Corps installation that is part of Marine Corps Installations Pacific. To access the Marine Corps Installations Pacific Site, click this link: Marine Corps Installations Pacific

Kadena Air Base​ ​Similar information as above.  The Air Force manages base housing on Okinawa, so this is your best source for housing info.  This site also has local weather, links to AAFES Okinawa and even local movie schedules.  Another great Kadena resource is the 18th Force Support Squadron.
Sponsorship Program
The Navy Sponsor Program was established to facilitate the relocation of naval personnel and their families when transferring on Permanent Change of Station orders. Prospective staff members shall receive a welcome aboard package prior to departing their current command which provides accurate and complete information concerning this command, the base, and Okinawa, Japan.
About Our Program
Our policy is that every person in receipt of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders to this command will be assigned a sponsor to assist in their transition to living and working in Okinawa, Japan. The sponsors will be actively involved with the program, providing guidance and/or information to assure a smooth transition into this command and into Okinawa, Japan.
How do I get assigned a Command Sponsor?
 Normally, upon this command's receipt of PCS orders you will receive a Welcome Aboard Message.   Once a sponsor is assigned the sponsorship coordinator will contact you in writing by mail. If you have received PCS orders to U. S. Naval Hospital, Okinawa and have not received a welcome aboard package, you can contact us by any of the following methods:
Contact Us:
Command Mailing Address:
US Naval Hospital Okinawa
Attn: Sponsorship Clerk
PSC 482
FPO AP 96362-1600
DSN: 646-7540
Calling from off-base: 098-971-7540
Commercial: 01181-611-746-7540
Staff Network Access
Incoming staff can start their request for network access before starting work here.

This is for personnel who currently have a CAC card.  Ensure that you have been released by your IT on the last day to be gained by USNH Okinawa IT.
  1. Complete Mandatory Training - HIPAA and Cyber Awareness Training (available via JKO)
  2. Download a blank AUP form (Scanned AUP forms are not accepted).
  3. Sign Acceptable Use Policy Form digitally.
  4. Download a blank SAAR-N form.
  5. Complete and sign SAAR-N Form digitally.
  6. Fill out online form, attach AUP form, SAAR-N form, HIPAA and Cyber Awareness Certificates.
Click here to check the status of your network request.

For Clinical Information Systems (CIS) Access: AHLTA, CHCS, Synapse, CCE, Essentris, In addition to the above requirements (1-4):
  1. Complete Mandatory Training - Joint Longitudinal Viewer (available via JKO)
  2. Download CIS Request Form
  3. Complete CIS Request Form
  4. New clinical support staff need to complete mandatory courses for CIS Access.
  5. Upload completed CIS Request Form and certificates for mandatory courses along with step 6, above.. If you already have network access and would like to add CIS Access you may update your request.
  6. Complete AHLTA/CHCS Classroom Training or Needs Assessment. See the schedule and sign up for class here.
If you already have an account, but need to submit updated HIPAA and Cyber Awareness Certificates (REQUIRED YEARLY):
  1. Fill the white, top half of the online form.
  2. For "Status" on the form, select "Update Account/New Training Certs".
  3. Attach your new HIPAA and Cyber Awareness Certificates.
 To check email:
Outlook Web Access (CAC Card Required)   
Contact USNH ITD:
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.