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We provide inpatient documentation and records on request, subject to availability and authorization. Most inpatient medical records are kept on hand for two years before being sent to a centrally archived center in St. Louis, Missouri.  Inpatient Medical Requests are handled for inpatient health care information or medical records from other Military Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF), health care institutions, beneficiaries or their lawful representatives.
As an accredited medical institution, NH Okinawa, Japan abides by standards and policies that ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your treatment information. An authorization form is required for release of information from inpatient records department.

For requests from Military Treatment Facility to Patient or other Civilian Treatment Facility, please fill out DD Form 2870 Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information.
DD Form 2870

For requests from Military Treatment Facility to Military Treatment Facility, please fill out DD Form 877 Request for Medical and Dental Records or Information. 
DD Form 877

These request forms can also be obtained from Outpatient Medical Records located on the first floor next to the Quarterdeck. The patient receiving the treatment, unless a minor is involved or their lawful representative must sign the form.

Please allow 30 days for the Inpatient Medical Records Division to process your request.

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Inpatient Records
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