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Dental / Oral Surgery Clinic

The Navy hospital serves a wide variety of patients from various organizations and multiple installations. Dental care for these same patients is not centralized to the hospital dental clinic. The small hospital dental clinic serves the active duty hospital staff. This clinic also serves the families of the active duty hospital staff on a space available basis.

Dental care at the hospital dental clinic is prioritized in this order:
  1. Emergency and readiness patients
  2. Readiness, routine, and some elective care for hospital active duty staff
  3. Space available routine and some elective care for hospital active duty staff family members
  4. Space available care for active duty service members and family members by referral
  5. Space available care for other categories of patients

Dental patients who are not active duty hospital staff or family members of active duty hospital staff are treated by the clinics that serve their respective commands.

Branch Dental Clinic Evans: 81-98-970-7381/82
Branch Dental Clinic Courtney: 81-98-954-7539
Branch Dental Annex Schwab: 81-98-970-5555-dial tone, then 625-2603
Branch Dental Clinic Kinser: 81-98-970-5555-dial tone, then 637-2828
Branch Dental Clinic Futenma: 81-98-970-5555-dial tone, then 636-3171
Branch Dental Annex Kadena: 81-98-970-5555-dial tone, then 634-6420
Branch Dental Clinic Hansen: 81-98-969-4657
Kadena Dental Clinic: 81-98-960-4817, option 2, then option 1
Torii Dental Activity: 81-98-954-5555 dial tone, then 644-4370

NMRTC Okinawa Dental and Oral Surgery Clinic Info

Contact Us


DSN: 646-7862
If calling from a cellular phone: 098-971-7862


Sick Call (USNMRTC Active Duty Only)

Mon-Fri: 0710-0810

Regular Clinic

Mon-Fri: 0700-1500


USNH Okinawa
Camp Foster
Bldg 960
Third Floor, East Wing
Room 3E0502
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